With over a decade of experience in the online marketing world mixed with practical expertise in a number of industries, saying we have a wealth of knowledge to facilitate an eclectic approach would be putting things mildly.

In the digital world of business, the major benefit of working with professionals is you don’t incur the expense of amateurs

Some of our most popular FAQS

Yes and No as this depends really on the scenario itself and a number of factors e.g. what the information is, where it is located, how long its being in existence, who controls it’s location e.t.c. However, just because it cannot be deleted doesn’t mean it cannot be removed instead.

Ethically we reserve the right to refuse certain Online Reputation Management incidents for instance we do not engage in helping perpetrators inciting hatred, racism, criminal, violent or abusive acts.

Yes certainly we can help improve rankings of website to attract buying traffic not just passers by. We also manage helping you convert this increase in buying traffic by ensuring you have a seamless transition process in place from start to finish of the sales process within your funnel.

We are conversant in handling and addressing situations involving unscrupulous competitors and disgruntled employees leaving unfounded negative dents on your reputation.

The simple answer is go where your customers/audience are congregating as a crowd online.

Understanding where to start in Social Media is dependent on your business and your target audience NOT every social platform is right for your business, a football team will have better ROI on visually rich Social Media platforms like Instagram perhaps even Tumblr than would a gas and energy providing company that may thrive better with its own channel.

In these times information is changing by the second and the generations growing up in these times are acclimatising to this fast paced environment so if we didn’t enable you to change things instantly we would certainly be doing you a huge disservice.

We will NOT discuss any of our clients information with anyone but our clients however we have a right to refuse certain cases which do not fall within our code of ethics.

Projecting the right image and reputation for your brand is what we do and do extremely well, we can amplify a positive image to position you as the authority within your industry or niche