Removing Negative Google Results Complete Guide

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When it comes to your business the internet can be an excellent way to generate more leads and receive an increased amount of targeted enquiries  Locally Nationally and Internationally.
However, in business sometimes things go wrong and then sometimes things go very wrong to the point that a customer or client feels aggrieved enough to want to leave negative feedback and let the world know just what they think.
For restaurants and Hotels Yelp and TripAdvisor can make or break you in the hospitality industry.
For SMES, business owners and their businesses rippoff report, Yelp, Google Places (to name a few) can be the thorn in their side.
For celebrities like recording artists  negative search results  could be the difference between the album going platinum in its first week or not going anywhere at all.
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This means any other sort of marketing you are doing is essentially being hampered, because when  any recommendations are made about your business be it paid advertising or word of mouth referrals, the next thing people do is look you up perhaps to find a phone number or to find an address.
 When they then see a Negative Google Result or infact any Negative Search Result on any search engine, this will stop them dead in their tracks. Suddenly it now becomes a  case of whether they are going to take a risk with you rather than them asking you for your services.
So How can you Remove Negative Google Search Results? ” Description=”This is where Online Reputation Management and Online Reputation Marketing come into play.”]
This is because Online Reputation Management  is underpinned with the act of Removing Negative Google Results about you or your company online.
The many forms and shapes that  Negative Results on Google take will mean that a good understanding of Online Reputation Management is essential in order to remove suppress or displace negative results.
Some of the most common forms of Google Negative Results include
1.There is a negative website about you or your business that appears in the Search Engine Results, for instance:
Yelp , TripAdvisor, News Articles, Legal Judgements, Smear Campaigns, Unfair Blog posts and more.
2. The Google Auto Complete Function is suggesting some negative keyword terms that people may not have known about but for the Google Auto complete suggestion.
3. There are Negative Comments, Forums, Blog posts , Articles etc about you or your company which do not come up on the first page of the Search Engine Results but they do indeed exist online and you are not happy due to the content published on these sites.
The most important thing to know when it comes to Removing Negative Results is that unless the information is outright defamatory, libelous, slanderous or puts a person or people in immediate harms way the chances of it been taken down are slim.

Removing Negative Google Results,how to remove negative reviews from google search results, remove negative posts internet, how to remove negative post on google, how to remove negative google search results,

Solutions on How to Remove Negative Results from Search Engines.
1. Report Negative Search Results.
The most common solution is to report the harmful post to the site admin/moderator or flag it for moderation.
The Good is this can be all you will need to do and that’s it.
The Bad is that the moderator has no obligation at all to take anything down if in his/her own mind the content is not harmful especially if the information is true and accurate hence this might be a totally subjective option with no guarantees.
Similarly drawing attention to the negative you are not happy with could  backfire in bringing back a problem that may have been forgotten totally and the new publicity can refuel the fire.
2. Going e-Legal to Remove Negative Search Results
Another option but more costly is to go down the legal route.
The Good is that this can be effective and could eventually lead to a take down.
The Bad is that this can be at a considerable expense in legal costs and again re-visiting something that may have been  forgotten can draw publicity to it . Thus any hopes of making it go away quietly would be lost not to mention if the other side also have a legal team behind them this could lead to a long drawn out legal battle which in reality could attract a lot of publicity.
3.Using Online Reputation Management
The option of Online Reputation Management to remove negative search results can also have its advantages and its disadvantages.

The Good  is that Effective Online Reputation Management Services can strike the right balance of making the problem go away within hours at a cost  that isn’t restrictive and you are willing to pay.

A reputable Online Reputation Management Company will also be able to offer discretion and respect the clients confidence when they help or take on the case.
The Bad is that you need to know who you are dealing with as Online Reputation is a sophisticated and intelligent art it isn’t just SEO as a lot of not so reputable companies may try to make you believe just so they can take your money and not deliver on promises.
In the same vein finding  a professional and Ethical Online Reputation Management Company might be a little tricky for instance it takes a certain level of commercial acumen and expertise to explain to you the best course of action regarding the future consequences of  any steps taken. For instance  a  not so professional company doing a shoddy job will no doubt have a very detrimental effect on a Hedge fund Managers Portfolio or a Company that relies on share price revenue derived from stakeholder confidence. Unfortunately,this reality will not be discovered until it might be too late or the damage is  beyond repair.
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