“What is Reputation Management ?”

Reputation management is the practice of monitoring the reputation of an individual or brand, removing and addressing negative  damaging content and where appropriate using  customer feedback to gain insight or get early warning signals to potential reputation problems.

The Discipline of  Online Reputation Management :

1. Analyzing  and protecting the reputation of  an individual or a business online.

2.Controlling and influencing this online reputation in the desired manner.

3.Understanding the bigger picture effects and benefits of a positive online reputation and the implications of a negative online reputation.

Corporate Online Reputation Management for Businesses and Enterprises

Enterprise Corporate Company and Business Search Online Reputation Management for Enterprise Corporate Company and Business

Personal & Individual Online Reputation Management

Executive and Personal Search Online Reputation Management for Executive CEO and Personal Online Reputation management

Our specialist  Online Reputation Management  service enables us  to provide clients with a much needed solution for controlling and managing their digital selves.

This can be subdivided into:
1. Proactive Online Reputation Management:
Where  we actively ensure a company is putting their best possible foot forward to their stakeholder group as a whole, the small picture is to look at immediate customers and local market whereas the big picture is to think on a wider scale as people all over the globe from every  part of the commercial world can access your online reputation.

2.Reactive Online Reputation Management:
Where something has gone wrong and the company needs a solution to help them restore the balance and get rid of any negative issues online that may be damaging their private/business lives and livelihoods.

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Ethical Reputation Management and Anti-Cyber Bullying at C.O.B.S:
We only engage in ethical best practices and we always reserve the right not to take on certain cases. However we will always be happy to help victims of false allegations that have affected them personally or their brands reputation and image.

Cyber Bullying Defense and Removal:
From athletes to celebrities who are being barraged by cyber bullies to corporate organizations and establishments dealing with unscrupulous competitors not to mention young adults and students being cyber bullied: COBS  can help in removing grossly offensive and potentially illegal comments and help initiate anti-cyber bullying initiatives aimed at empowering and galvanising a strengthened united front from fans, family and support from existing happy customers to counteract any cyber bullies or trolls.

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