Online Reputation Management Firms

An Online Reputation Management Firm is one that effectively Manages and Markets the online reputation of an individual or corporation.
COBS Group is an elite Online Reputation Management and Online Reputation Marketing Company with over a decade experience in the field of Digital Marketing and Online Reputation, providing results for our clients within hours in most cases of accepting a case.
Our Clientelle:
We serve a wide array of clients including celebrities and sports athletes finding themselves within uncomfortable situations to businesses be it in the hospitality industry or corporate entities who have  lost public confidence due to actions of a single employee.
Our Blog Post on How to Manage Defend & Repair the Online Reputation of a Football Player should give an interesting insight.
It can take a lifetime to build the right reputation and it can take seconds to leave it in ruins.
When it comes to reputation protection,it holds true to the statement prevention is better than cure.This is why we always advise in our seminars or tips in our blog  that you can be just one client or customer away from a bad reputation.
Therefore  its important to have at least a basic strategy in place to mitigate such a situation.
As the Premier Online Reputation Management Firm COBS Group provides full service Online Reputation Management Solutions  including and not limited  to the following Reputation Services:
Web Reputation Management
Social Reputation Management
Hotel Reputation Management
Google Reputation Management
Search Reputation Management
Internet Reputation Management
Business Reputation Management
Corporate Reputation Management
Internet /Online Reputation Repair
Online Reputation risk Management
Social media Reputation Management
Cyber Bullying Prevention and Protection
Negative Google Auto complete Solutions
Search Engine Seo Reputation Management
Personal or Individual Reputation Management
Being a leading Online Reputation Firm we understand that  when it comes to Online Reputation Management most times our clients want an almost instantaneous solution and simply for their problem to go away so things can go back to normal.
Hence we have one simple goal and that is to effectively improve our clients situation as quickly and as efficiently as possible at the same time advising them on the best course of actions based on the information and understanding they give us as the basis of their case.
We are not a one glove fits all Reputation Management Firm: we  wouldn’t use the same measures relating to a celebrity client  for a Ftse 100 company. As these are two very different industries posing very different pressures when it comes to their own individual asset of reputation.
Rather we are an Online Reputation Firm abiding by the belief that understanding  the problem will provide the right approach that fits you and the right approach combined with our technology and decade long experience will provide  the right strategy  to solve a clients problem the best way possible.
This is simply what makes us successful and what allows us to show results within hours of us accepting a case.
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