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How important is your Internet Reputation to You?
Did you know that your business or you personally can be severely damaged if your online reputation was tarnished?
The digital age that we live in is a dual edged sword. It is a great way to get the exposure that you want for your company or even for yourself but on the other side of the coin you can easily become over exposed in a negative light online.
Maintaining a positive online reputation is essential to your success. No matter the industry a couple of dissatisfied customers can sour your  hard earned internet reputation simply by heading over to a couple of complaint boards and posting unpleasant things about your company.
What is even worse is some people are so vindictive they don’t stop at one complaint board, they surf around and find as many places as they can to tarnish your reputation it can be an ex-spouse, disgruntled employee or perhaps an overzealous customer.
Similarly outdated articles, even isolated incidents leading to  legal judgements found online can have a detrimental effect on your job prospects and your marketing efforts.
Whether it is your professional reputation or your personal reputation the internet is quickly becoming the quickest and easiest place to destroy someone’s internet reputation and online presence.
However, Online damage control can save you thousands of dollars in lost revenue,having a professional and ethical Online Reputation Management firm on hand to help you protect your internet reputation can easily prevent untold losses both professionally and personally.
Here are a few points to note with regards to Internet Reputation Management for both corporates and individuals:
Prevention is Key
As you are trying to take care of your core business and/or personal life finding the time to monitor search terms online of your name or business can be time consuming.
Managing your internet reputation can be almost impossible alone unless you are willing to dedicate 8-10 hours each day.
Furthermore, in times of crisis requiring damage control, trying to defend your business or personal life online without a professional communications strategy already in place can be a recipe for disaster.
Times are Changing in the Digital Age
Before too long tabloids and rag newspapers that produce unflattering gossip and rumors will have the internet to do an accelerated  job of rumor milling than any newspaper or magazine ever could. With access to a largely unregulated forum anyone that wants to soil anyone’s reputation is just a few clicks away from getting their satisfaction.
No matter what field you are in or what industry your business is you are at risk right now of having everything you built destroyed by a few unfavorable comments.
 Ask yourself “do I really have the time or the know how to monitor the online venue to protect myself and my business?”.
Managing your internet reputation can be almost impossible alone unless you are willing to dedicate 8-10 hours each day furthermore in times of crisis requiring damage control, a professional dedicated team of Reputation Consultants to help mitigate the situation.
Don’t Go it Alone
Protecting your online reputation is something you should take seriously and using a professional team is something else you need to take seriously. The internet is the new way the world does business for both the bad and the good. Protect yourself!
The Internet Reputation Management Services Solution
Chief Online Business solutions Group (COBS Group) is a professional ethical Online Reputation Management Firm,  we are experts in fast internet repair services  and digital online protection that will help to not only prevent a bad reputation from building but  also improve a positive search engine social media and overall internet reputation.
With over a decade in the digital industry and relationships with some of the best public relations crisis companies and brains  combined with strong ties to legal experts that specialize in the field of internet law you can expect a complete team of online reputation specialists in your corner.