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We are an Online Reputation Management Technology Firm specializing in the art of Internet Reputation Management and full Digital Brand Architecture:

Enterprise Corporate Company and Business Search Online Reputation Management for Enterprise Corporate Company and Business


In our Digital World The Major benefit of working with professionals

is you don't incur the expense of amateurs

With over a decade of experience in the online marketing world mixed with practical  expertise in a number of industries, saying we have a wealth of knowledge to facilitate an eclectic approach would be putting things mildly.


Can you delete things about me on the internet?
Yes and No as this depends really on the scenario itself and a number of factors e.g. what the information is, where it is located, how long its being in existence, who controls it’s location e.t.c. However, just because it cannot be deleted doesn’t mean it cannot be removed instead.
Do you help with any type of Reputation Crisis situation?
Ethically we reserve the right to refuse certain Online Reputation Management incidents for instance we do not engage in helping perpetrators inciting hatred, racism, criminal, violent or abusive acts.
Can you help my website make more sales?
Yes certainly we can help improve rankings of website to attract buying traffic not just passers by. We also manage helping you convert this increase in buying traffic by ensuring you have a seamless transition process in place from start to finish of the sales process.

Our competitors keep leaving false reviews what can we do?
We are conversant in handling and addressing situations involving unscrupulous competitors and disgruntled employees leaving unfounded negative dents on your reputation.

Where do we start in Social Media?
Understanding where to start in Social Media is dependent on your business and your target audience NOT every social platform is right for your business, a football team will have better ROI on visually rich Social Media platforms like Tumblr than would an energy providing company.

Can I easily make changes on a Website you Develop?
In these times information is changing by the second and the generations growing up in these times are acclimatising to this fast paced environment so if we didn’t enable you to change things instantly we would certainly be doing you a huge disservice.

I have some sensitive information online will you be discrete?
We will NOT discuss any of our clients information with anyone but our clients however we have a right to refuse certain cases which do not fall within our code of ethics.

Our customers love us, how can we show this to enhance our credibility?
Projecting the right image and reputation for your brand is what we do and do extremely well, we can amplify a positive image to position you as the authority within your industry or niche.




Online Reputation Management is a confidential service in which we help make our clients online problems go away.
We will not under any circumstances discuss or reveal actual clients without their consent, as their privacy and peace of mind is of the utmost important to us.

Below are just a handful of case examples.

Case study :Politician Online Reputation Management Enhancement

Politician Online Reputation Management Enhancement Case Study

See Case Study

Enhancing the Online Corporate Value of a Company Case Study

Enhancing the Online Corporate Value of a Company Case Study


See Case Study

Celebrity Personal Online Reputation Management Case Study

Celebrity Personal Online Reputation Management Case Study

See Case Study

Lawyer Online Reputation Management case study by cobs group

Lawyer Online Reputation Management Case Study

See Case Study

COBS Group Online Reputation Management on tabloids

Kiss and Tell Tabloids Online Reputation Management Case Study

See Case Study

These case studies represent just a fraction of the type of work an Online Reputation Tech Firm such as COBS Group ,is committed to helping its clients with.


Contact Us with the form below and be rest assured your Online Reputation is in the best of hands.


An Entrepreneurs Playground

 A compilation of materials including business tips, reputation management, anti cyber bullying articles, recent developments in online marketing, new technology as well as interesting videos of successful business people and interesting entrepreneurs.

COBS will also try to conduct Businesses interviews learning various business practices from how these businesses started up to how they marketed themselves then and now as well as how they adapted to stay recession free .

Join us as we learn and explore innovative business practices, skills and  gain invaluable advice.

This is the start of an exciting  journey and we hope it will help all businesses not just in Manchester  but globally for generations to come.

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Picture credit I get people sometimes asking as to how to stay safe when shopping online and one of the best recommendations I can give them is to use the WEB of Trust aka WOT add on for their web browser. This simple add on guards you against sites with fraudulent or untrustworthy behaviour by […]

Oyetola Oyewumi CEO of COBS GROUP  speaks at a seminar for the Growth HUB in Manchester about Online Reputation Management. Oyetola discusses a number of topics on the subject of  Online Reputation Management and Social Media Reputation Management  such as: the importance of proactive and reactive Online Reputation Management, he explains the lasting impact of […]

The Right to be forgotten is a hot topic at the moment and has spurred on a few emails and talking points, so as promised here is my view on this topic. 13th May 2014 the day the European Court effectively caused a ripple in the status quo of the internet and the digital world. […]

So I had intended to write this back in February when I first noticed the situation but other things got in the way and delayed this post. Its return to the front pages has now prompted me to finish the article, without any further a do lets talk about that email you may have received […]

A CBS reporter talks about Online Reviews in the Medical Industry and how this ties in the Management  of Online Reputation for  medical professionals and their practices.

So its nothing new that LinkedIn is an excellent Social Networking tool for the professional and business community. There are so many great things to do with LinkedIn from the ability to sell your professional self in your profile to the ability to make great connections and good contacts in the business world. Imagine if […]

Image credit The first rule to say to anyone when faced with any online reputation management issue is don’t panic there is always help. Images and pictures  are such a popular thing in the digital age of smart phones, social media and #selfies, these technology advancements have seriously enhanced the ability to capture the moment […]

I imagine a Tech magazine cover would read something like this : Oyetola Oyewumi Online Reputation Management Strategist and  CEO of COBS Group was featured in Business Week with regards how to use Social Media for your Business (quite a long title though).

If you’re a Gmail user, you probably also have a Google+ account.  Well with the new Gmail update that now means that unless you opt out any random individual that is also a G+ user can send you a message aka spam you. Although it doesn’t mean they will have your Gmail account it just […]

Image credit: Photo by Brian Ach/Getty Images for TechCrunch. December 2013 was a bit of a hectic month for the world renowned lyrics site Rap Genius, users from all over the world use the website to understand lyrics. Hence it is a user content generated site in the sense that those who feel they understand what […]

Another great video by the Huffington Live Lily Collins according to McAfee seems to be the most dangerous celeb to search for online. Basically what this means is that a lot of Malware has been attached to websites that come up when you search various permutations of her name e.g ”Lily Collins apps” or ”Lily […]

The FUBU brand owner, Daymond John talks about his come up as an entrepreneur. I am a big fan of Daymonds and I like how he really focuses on the principle that you need to love what you do  and the money will come, for me this is crucial to any and every entrepreneur. Make […]

A look at the rise of Mark Zuckerberg the birth and development of  Facebook. Very interesting documentary on Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook and its inception.

First things first Tumblr is totally awesome for visual content hence sport teams, before and after gym sessions , then and now interior decorators in fact just about anything that you can create visual content for works well with Tumblr. Now without any further ado let me explain how to understand and then make the […]

    Another Howard Stern Interview here with Mark Cuban, they Talk About How He Retired At 29 &  life being A Billionaire. For those who may not know Mark Cuban is one of the investors on Shark Tank, an arch enemy of Donald Trump (all banter of course) and the owner of the NBA […]

  Being in the Tech Industry there’s no way you wouldn’t know the brilliant lady that is Sherry Coutu (of course we at COBS Group are fans) This is an interview with Sherry at the 2011 First Women Awards where she  talks about  inspiration to succeed as a woman and using examples of other successful […]

CEO Advisor and Executive Mentor, Colin Turner discusses the resignation of Bob Diamond from Barclays and the challenges  which his successor will face. (We now know his successor hails form Canada and seems a cool guy) Colin also discusses the inherent banking culture which seems to portray a  lack of integrity and how such attitudes […]

When it comes to the Hospitality industry  TripAdvisor can make or Break a Business and this BBC video shows both the Good and Bad of TripAdvisor. If your business is looking to remove or deal with Negative Business Reviews Our CEO Oyetola Oyewumi will also discuss in a Tutorial  how to deal with Negative Reviews […]

I regularly receive requests  regarding doing a general training for business owners to learn how to use Social Media in their business  not only here in Manchester but as far as Canada. One rule to Understanding Social Media Social Media is not a one size fits all service, the expertise used to manage, market and […]

Its no secret that we at COBS Group are big fans of Ellen Degeneres, her use of Social Media engagement plus all round ”awesomeness”  are just some reasons we follow her and enjoy her comedy. This video about Ellen in your Facebook isn’t just a funny video its a brilliant use of social media to […]

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