9/10 times the first question we are asked is?
Are my customers even on Social Media?

The answer is yes you will have customers and if your customers are already trying to find you chances are your competitors have already devised their own Social Media Strategy to their advantage but don’t take our word for it allow us to show you below.

When it comes to Social Media Management and Social Media Marketing one of the simplest definitions for Social Media is that it is: Electronic Word of Mouth Recommendation Marketing + The ability for a Two way Real Time Conversation between Clients and customers.”
Here are Some Examples of How we used Social Media to find Customers Leads and Prospects  for our Clients:
social media example of probate_lawyer_wanted  social media example of financial advisor needed
From our showing a very surprised non believing  Independent Financial Advisor live leads in real time  asking if anyone knew of  ”Reputable IFA’s” to a Law firm being surprised to learn that people take to Social Media to ask if anyone knows where they can find a ”Wills and Probate Solicitor”.
Customers are indeed getting younger, more Digital and aside from that the Senior Management of Fortune 500 Companies are taking to Social Media to enjoy the particular benefits of having a following of thousands who act as your avid Brand Ambassadors singing the companies praises.
Similarly Businesses Small and large are adapting Social Media infrastructures to put in place for their rising stars to help provide a competitive edge for the business as a whole.
“Thus the un-quantifiable ROI of such Public electronic word of mouth recommendations and endorsements in real time is just one of the real benefits of Social Media.”
Social Media Marketing is very effective  what is important is the platform, the right platform must be used to ensure an effective campaign this is where the expertise of COBS Group is put to use with over 10 years in Digital Marketing and 5 years with Social Media Marketing from Blogs to Community Management.
Chief Online Business Solutions Group is the leading Social Media Marketing, Online Reputation Management and Online Reputation Marketing firm serving customers and clients locally in Manchester to Nationally across the UK and Internationally as far as Canada.
Contact Us today and let us put the right Social Media Strategy in place and get you customers.