Another great video by the Huffington Live

Lily Collins according to McAfee seems to be the most dangerous celeb to search for online. Basically what this means is that a lot of Malware has been attached to websites that come up when you search various permutations of her name e.g ”Lily Collins apps” or ”Lily Collins pics”

A lot of unsuspecting browsers will not even know this or that they are on a malicious site so one really good solution is the web of trust add-on which helps alert you of malicious websites when browsing online.

'Lily Collins ranked by McAfee as most dangerous celebrity search term I Mail Online'                                                                                                                      image  credit


Also in the Huffington Live video there is a new report that suggests that Google may have access to the Wifi passwords of all Android users oh dear all these privacy issues just seem to get worse by the day.

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