The Police Commissioner Elections

Today is an interesting day in the United Kingdom as the elections for the new post of Police and Crime Commissioner are in full swing.

So what exactly is the this role about?

Well according to some research aka ”Googling”  we have identified that the Police and Crime Commissioner  has a “mission to fight crime and Anti Social Behaviour ”

I also found a list of other duties that were of interest and these two stood out:

  1. Representing and engaging with all those who live and work in the communities in their force area and identifying their policing needs.
  2. Setting priorities that meet those needs by agreeing a local strategic plan for the force.

Crime Fighting with Social Media

A point which I believe needs to be understood by the person who fills this role is how to use Social Media  as an effective means to battle crime.

The Not so Distant Past

Back in my Undergraduate days (The year was 2005) there was an incident that occurred outside the lecture theater in which one of the bikes padlocked outside the entrance to the building was in the process of being lifted by two hooded thugs. One brandishing a knife to anyone who dared make eye contact , the other trying to force through the bikes locks and all in broad daylight.

At the time no one dared even try and step in as the first  auto response for most of us humans is self preservation, so most walked  briskly passed in shock some of us reported it straight to the guys on reception but by the time they came to the rescue the deed was already done.

The Present Digital Age

Fast forward to 2012 and new school social media is now officially 7 years old and the smart phone is like a compass for our daily routines. Now put me or anyone in that  same situation  again and I know instantly that I would intsantly instagram or take a picture of both culprits from a safe distance or even film them for Youtube and tweet my Oscar worthy video and flicks to @GMpolice (Greater Manchester police for those who aren’t ”Twitterfied’ yet) who could have every ounce of eveidence possibly fathomable for a slam dunk case and a happy cyclists to get his bike back.

Some of the Costs and ROIs of Fighting Crime with Social Media

Cost to the economy would be my 5seconds of battery life depleted and possibly the police listening to my John Motson styled running commentary  benefit to the economy on the other hand would be hopefully more significant than the costs.

Touching on the Cyber Bullying Issue

Similarly the rising issue of Cyber Bullying in schools and around communities  is another one which I would as the Police and Crime Commissioner  want to tackle head on this is because the times we are living in cyber crime is as just as serious and isn’t only limited anymore to Fraud. Trolls are using the internet to intimidate and harm adults and children, however to understand how to use the power of social media to fight this enemy will require someone who has grown up with the 7 year old Social Media or understands it well enough to legislate and adjudicate.

The Allied Social Forces

The positive from this is that finding these people to help the legislative and judiciary are readily available and as the Police and Crime Commissioner I would very quickly take advantage of this.

Surely I would have at least by 10% done my bit in representing and engaging with all those who live and work in the communities as well as set a precedence in place to using an new ally to fighting crime and Anti Social Behaviour.

Finally if you ever do find your self  in such a situation as this one below be a lamb and do please let us know.

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