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Now for any start up in business be it a sole trader, partnership or even a newly formed company  its understandable that business costs can seem like insurmountable obstacles.

Fortunately using Google Voice can help cut costs especially if your business revolves essentially round the phone.

However  this is one of those benefits that we only get half the benefits off while the Americans get full benefits.

For instance in America Google Voice is free, so if you are starting in recruitment then this can be an excellent tool to start off with and provide a competitive advantage.

The UK on the other hand doesn’t get this  benefit unfortunately its not free for us however the phone rates are still super cheap i.e. 7p a minute for a mobile call.

The videos below show some of the cool benefits, features and explains how  Google Voice works.



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Cutting Costs with Google Voice
by Oyetola Oyewumi on May 14 2012
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