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I get people sometimes asking as to how to stay safe when shopping online and one of the best recommendations I can give them is to use the WEB of Trust aka WOT add on for their web browser.

This simple add on guards you against sites with fraudulent or untrustworthy behaviour by providing three different colour signals based on visitor feed back  Green, Amber and Red.

Green being the site is fine whereas amber and red are basically warning you that the standards of the site according to past visitors isn’t the best and what’s even cooler is that the site warns you before it allows the site to open up about its WOT rating.

This is particularly useful for those pesky pop up ads you may come across on a site you think is a good bargain site.

To get the WOT addon is pretty straight forward, simply type in WOT add on into Google in your browser (firefox, Google chrome, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer)

Click on the link

Download the addon and that’s it you’re done WEB of trust is now your new ally in the battle for browsing safety and online privacy.